Program Schedule

Welcome to KOTR - The Otter!

Welcome to My 11 KOTR - The Otter, the local affiliate station for MyNetwork TV in the Central Coast region of California. On channel 11 throughout the majority of the Greater Central Coast market area for Comcast and U-Verse and on channel 187 in Santa Cruz on Comcast Cable. KOTR – The Otter - serves Monterey, Salinas, Carmel, Pacific Grove, Castroville, Gonzalez, Soledad, Santa Cruz, and more! The Greater Monterey/Salinas television market is ranked #125 and is one of California's most diverse areas of the country.

Originally the groundbreaking brain child of Rupert Murdoch, MyNetwork Television, is continuing its popular prime time line-up, including the Fall's new lineup: Law & Order: SVU, Bones, Law & Order: CI, House, and Monk.

KOTR now features KRON News out of San Francisco: 3 hours of Weekday News: 5:00pm and 6:00pm, and late night at 11:00pm. Since many Central Coast viewers commute in and out of the Bay area regularly, KOTR will continue to carry weekday and weeknight broadcasts of KRON news to keep our viewers up-to-date.

In addition, KOTR is now the home of Friends (starting in December), Family Guy, Inside Edition, Frasier, Trisha, Divorce Court, American Dad, as well as for most San Francisco Giants Home Games, Maury, Judge Mathis, The Test, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and many others. We will also be carrying the Santa Cruz Warrior games again this year so watch for the new schedule!

KOTR has some of the most popular syndicated programming in the Central Coast and something for every member of the family.

MyNet TV - It's got America's favorite programming. It's My11 KOTR for the Central Coast! The Otter's got it!